Great Pines is Runner-Up for Best Adirondack Fine Dining

Posted on June 21, 2019

Nestled among the thousands of miles of mountain ranges, trails, and expansive forests lies something a bit unexpected given the scenery- fine dining. Server of fine food and recipient of Adirondack Life Magazine’s runner-up for Best Adirondack Fine Dining is our very own restaurant, The Lodge. With one of the most impressive views in all of Upstate New York, along with a diverse menu, The Lodge offers eaters a unique dining experience.

Tasting the Adirondacks

The menu at The Lodge changes seasonally and reflects the tastes of the region. Food is also provided by local sources as much as possible, giving the restaurant a true Adirondack feel. Executive Chef Brian Dewey has worked closely with our owners to make the menu reflect both his experiences and their travels. We offer an expansive wine list as the perfect complement to a delicious dinner. When you’re ready to eat also make sure to give our apple bourbon glazed pork chop a try!

A Meal with a View

Alongside a stellar menu, the view at The Lodge rounds out an incredible dining experience. Encompassing the large, open dining room is a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains. No matter where you are seated, the breathtaking view of Fourth Lake is unavoidable. 

Furthermore, our world-class staff will make the view that much better. Knowledgeable, locally raised staff can help guide you toward the perfect dish or drink for your preferences. Our goal is to make your meal and stay as enjoyable as possible, and our staff does just that.

Whether you want a romantic evening, are hosting a celebration, need to escape everyday life, or just want a relaxing night out, The Lodge has what you desire. 

Come see what makes The Lodge one of the “Best Adirondack Fine Dining” locations.