Welcoming Summer 2021

Posted on June 8, 2021

So, Summer is almost here…..how do I know? I can tell you. This past Sunday I woke up and took the boys into Inlet, we rode our bikes and it was so beautiful and warm. We passed dandelions, and lilies and saw a few chipmunks who crossed our path. We grabbed lattes (& smoothies for the kids) from Blue Line and donuts from Marys bakery and headed to Arrowhead park to enjoy on the dock. Don’t we all look forward to our first sticky yummy Marys Bakery donut every year? One bite can catapult you back to your childhood. I let the boys rinse the chocolate frosting off by playing in the water which for them seemed to be the perfect temp. We played on the playground before loading up and heading back to the house. That evening the Lean To porch was full of guests, enjoying their meals lakeside while boats pulled up. We watched the sunset, a bonfire was going and that awesome rustic scent filled the air. Kids laughed and jumped off the dock and a couple dogs were laying at their owners feet while they ate their meals and toasted with craft brews. At the desk I gave a few kids some s’more packs for the fire and chatted sunrise hikes with another guest. Before heading out I watered the flowers that are full of life and color in front of the main lodge and felt the air begin to take on its cool shift for the evening. You see, summer at Great Pines isn’t one solitary thing, it is a sum of its parts. It is the sounds of the lake and the loon, the campfire smells, the sunsets and of course a great beer with friends. We play a small role in your summer vacation but this year more than ever we take that role to heart. We are so so so happy to have you all back at our little spot on the hill under the pines. xo Britta