Thank you for your 2020 support

Posted on February 6, 2021

A Letter From Our Owners:

Happy 2021 to all of our friends of Great Pines!

2020 launched one of the most challenging years many of us have ever experienced. We started this past summer without a clue regarding operating in a pandemic. There was practically no guidance, no resources and a lot of fear. We felt like we were walking in a field of rattlesnakes with a blindfold. We banded together with our community, developed a plan, pooled resources and began to build our confidence as we put things into motion. Every week felt like we were reinventing the wheel.

Thank goodness for the positive, energetic and hardworking team that we have that constantly worked to adjust. What ended coming out of that summer was something we were not prepared for. An intense unity in our team and a new heightened sense of loyalty with our guests. We made our efforts and methods 100% transparent and it became clear that this was appreciated. Halfway through the summer we redefined luxury as it pertains to us.

We now define it as the ability to spend time with someone you love in a place that you love. To have a feeling of calm and serenity in a world that at times feels it is spiraling wildly out of our control. That aspect has become a luxury that due to this pandemic many of us have been denied. We were so grateful to be able to be this place for many of you. So many of you continued to come visit us that we did not close the restaurant or hotel since we opened in June. Our team working straight through October and November which we have never done before.

Now that we step into the winter we are in a different battlefield. Without the outdoors to utilize for the restaurant we had to rethink all of our processes in keeping you safe. We are confident that we can continue to do so evolving, reevaluating and remaining committed to you. Our team gets tested weekly to maintain our awareness. We utilize our own tracking and tracing system in the Lean To so that if we do find out we had a exposure situation each person at risk will be individually contacted by us the Owners personally. All rooms, common areas and bathrooms are fogged and UV ray treated daily and between visitors amongst so so many other things.

When you do come to visit us please thank our team. Thank them for working months through with no break. Thank them for showing up to work with the public every day in a pandemic. And even though they are taking very clear risks being essential workers they are confident in our plan, our team and property to keep them safe. Without them none of this would be possible.

Let us all pray for a moment in 2021 when we all feel safe. We are very confident that moment will arrive this year, even in small ways we see the light cracking through the darkness. To you our guests and friends we pray for you and your families, your health, safety and peace.

The resort is operating “business as usual” continuing to provide a safe and serene place for you to bring your families to soak in the Adirondack Mountains. We hope to safely see you soon.


Britta, Devlin and Keir